Brush Filling Material


 Abrasive Filaments (SIC/AO)
 Abrasive Filaments  -   Abrasive Filaments consist of polymide bristles containing abrasive grain, giving this type of brush the added advantage of a grinding action on the side as well as the face. Ideal for grinding, deburring, cleaning, polishing and fine surface finishing of plastic and metal parts. With their flexible surface brushes with abrasive filaments will align to the different shape of the work piece. Available with a grit range between K60 to K1000 composed of either aluminium oxide (AO) or silicon carbide (SIC).
 Brass Wire (MES)
 Brass Wire -   Brass Wire is softer and gives a less aggressive finish than steel wire. Among other applications brass wire is suitable for working with mild bleaches and is mainly used for processing of nonferrous metals. Available in both straight and crimped options.
 Encapsulated brushes
 Encapsulated Brushes -   Encapsulated Wire Brushes have the wire embedded in a tough plastic, this means that the filling width always remain the same and an early break of wires can be prevented. It also gives the brush a prolonged life and adds to a safer working environment. Ideal for aggressive work and exact working on edges and angles.
 Stainless Steel Wire ROF
 Stainless Steel Wire -   Steel Stainless Steel Wire brushes must be used when working on stainless steel to prevent contamination of the work piece.
ROF: Material number WNr. 1.430 (AISI 304). This wire is resistant against corrosion and certain acids and bleaches.  

 Steel Wire (STA) 
 Steel Wire -   Steel Wire is available in both straight and crimped options. This wire is alloyed with manganese in order to increase its toughness. The result is a higher tensile strength and a longer lifetime of the brush.
 Synthetic Filaments (PP/ PA / PE)
 Synthetic Filaments -   Synthetic Filaments are flexible and resistant to abrasion. These filaments are perfect for cleaning, grinding or surface processing of metal, plastic or wood.
Available are:
PP: Polypropylene
PA: Polyamide - PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.12
PE: Polyethylene